My offline phone says it’s 1am. We’ve been flying for about 8hrs. I’m still high over the Atlantic but the sky is brightening and I know we must be approaching Brussels. The girls say I slept thru most of the flight. There was an open seat next to me, so I put my pillow on Cherry’s armrest, pulled my oh so short legs up to my chest and fell asleep. It’s one of the great advantages of being 5”2. I can get a good night sleep in just two economy airline seats.

Im really grateful for the sleep. My Rheumatoid goes crazy if I go without sleep. I really think the change of altitude reeks havoc too. Just as we were in line to board our plane in Newark I was overcome with a wave of nausea. I had to jump out of line and run for a trash can. Maybe the airport sandwich didn’t agree with me or maybe it was the stress of going on this new adventure. Either way I started my big trip by vomiting in the airport. You just can’t take me anywhere. My family are the best. They waited to board until I pulled myself together but that trash can will never be the same.

Jolene and my cousin Jude turned 60 this year. We decided to do a girls/cousins getaway. They all wanted to come but no one had the time to research and plan anything. I’m working part time due to my Rheumatoid so I became our planner. I was the planner so I chose the itinerary. I played around on the computer for weeks. Finally I made a plan.

We are flying into Brussels, Belgium and after a short layover we take a small plane into Florence, Italy. I rented us an apartment near Santa Croce called the Luxury Renaissance Palace. With the help of a friend who runs, we planned an amazing trip. Pasta lessons in Chianti, a side trip up to the Lake Como area to visit an old friend, Venice, Prosecco and more. The pilot just announced we are approaching of final decent into Brussels. We only have an hour and a half layover. I’m hoping to grab up some Belgian chocolate as we speed the the airport. I’ve never transferred in Belgium and I know it’s French speaking but that’s about it. Wish us luck.

We transferred in Belgium with no problems. We used wheelchairs for transport since it was surprisingly far and crowed. I’m having a problem with my back that I will need to address when I get home. It was a big help because we only had to follow the asssitance lady.

Here we are in Florence. The place I rented dates back to the Renaissance and the fresco above my bed is original. Its hard to believe people have been looking up at the same fresco as I am for more than 600 years. Time is different here. Cosmo met us at the building and showed us around. Although he was raised here, he speaks English with a British accent. He was very handsome. Our driver from the airport looked like he stepped right out of GQ. They take fashion so seriously here. I am way out of place.