Today is #3 of social distancing for me.

As I said at the beginning of this topic, I think I have every chronic condition on the list of of Corona high risk patients. I’m blogging about what it’s like for me right now in South Jersey. Feel free to share what’s going on a your house here on the blog or Facebook.

Updates in my world:

Disney World and Disneyland are closed. Although my local schools are still open, many states throughout the country are closed. The Catholic Bishops announced that weekly Mass is not necessary…and it will not count as a sin. (WHAT?) It seems that many companies are implementing working from home. Local kids sports teams are being cancelled.

Let’s face it, the availability and processing time for testing has been a disaster. I’m not going to get into that because what’s done is done. We need to look forward right now. I have been very impressed with our local governors. I live in what we call the Tri-State area. Here in South Jersey I am just miles from Philly and Wilmington. We have to follow what’s happening with COVID-19 in all 3 states. Keeping up on the spread and the government actions is a full time job.

I don’t know about you all but I am having a bit of anxiety these days. At first the information coming to us from the federal government was confusing and sometimes just plain wrong. It shook our confidence that our government had a good handle on this. I think that really made the panic grocery shopping worse. The unknown makes everything more scary, don’t ya think?

The President just announced that lots more COVID-19 tests will be available. Walmart announced they will be allowing use of their parking lots for drive-thru testing centers. Walgreens and CVS pledged to stay open and safe. Student loan payments are suspended. National strategic oil reserves will be maxed out.

Thoughts: We all have to do our part.

Wash your hands. I know, everyone is already saying that but I want to say that every time you wash your hands…it helps. (Studies show soap and water is way better than hand sanitizer. )

We must slow down the spread of COVID-19. Medical Staff throughout the world are risking the health and possible their lives to help us. But we have to help ourselves. Once we overwhelm our hospitals with thousands of critically ill patients……we are fucked.

We can do this!

Everything YOU do effects all our futures. No one can save us except ourselves.

Stay home.

Wipe everything down. Wash those hands!

And don’t pick your nose! (Well, at least wash first)

I’ve saved the most important thing until last.

Be Kind. Help someone you don’t know. Help family that may not have enough food or money to get through this. Think about making a donation to our Camden County Food Bank. This is the time to show our children who we really are. Kind. Generous. Spiritual. Thoughtful. Logical. Moral.

(If you are atheist, skip this part.)

If you got lucky and you could speak to God, just for a moment…What would he say?

My heart says…Take care of one another.

Do something to help. Now is your time to shine. You can be a hero. You can save the world.