Things have started moving fast in the last 24hrs. Dr Fauci said COVID-19 is 10 x more lethal than the seasonal virus. He also said things are going to get worse.

The NBA shut down. The stock market is a disaster. European flights are being shut down. Tom Hanks and his wife have tested positive in Australia. Schools and colleges are being shut down. Concerts and festivals have been cancelled. In Italy ICU patients are living in hallways. (I’m not worried about privacy, I’m thinking about virus spread.) CNN reported that Italy’s modern health system is so overwhelmed, the medical staff is resorting to picking which patients will get those valuable ventilators and critical care and those who will have to be “let go”.

The President addressed the nation last night. He seemed a little off. Did you think his breathing sounded a bit shallow? Although I am not of fan of the president, I certainly hope he is not sick. That would be terrible for him, the White House and the confident leadership we need.

They tell us not to panic. They tell us to prepare. Epidemiologists are predicting millions of Americans will be infected. Hospitals will be overwhelmed. Staff will get sick too. Patients are reporting being referred from their doctors office to hospitals who referred them to their local health department..who referred them back to their doctor’s office. What?

Ok, this is a mess. What can I do to protect myself, my loved ones and society? It’s ironic that right now our country is so politically divided but the only way to save ourselves is to do what is needed for EVERYONE.

My Opinion:

Social Distancing.

Stay home! Work from home if you can. I’m only going out when necessary. Dr appointments. Groceries. Check on Mom.

This is a VERY BIG DEAL. Not only will it protect you, it will slow the rate of infection. Slowing the rate of infection will help us avoid overwhelming our health system. We wont all be sick at once. COVID-19 patients need ICU beds for long periods. If we can slow down the infections we can vastly improve all of our survival.

We are all n this together.

What benefits you, benefits us all.

And please…… share the toilet paper.