It’s getting real here in the Northeast.

I looked at a list of 15 preexisting conditions that make a patient considered high risk. I had 7 of them. I guess I am pretty much in for the duration. I already had a few friends are tell me that they feel trapped and anxious about staying home. It hasn’t even been a week yet. Come on guys, this is life or death!

Have you been to an ER in the last few years? It’s almost always in unofficial crisis mode. Not enough beds, patients in hallways and wait times that easily stretch 4-18 hrs. Now add in maybe just 10 possible COVID-19 patients. It quickly turns into a disaster.

Maybe you or your family don’t have Corona symptoms. But your Mom has chest pain. Your Dad might have had a stroke. Your brother who is getting chemo just spiked a fever. Sorry…the hospital is already swamped. Good Luck.

We have no vaccine. Nothing to stop this thing……except this: STAY HOME. What the f**k is wrong with people? Sitting your ass on the sofa may save my life. Or your mother’s life or your husband’s life. But Karri, I am so bored. Are you kidding me? We are facing a pandemic right here inSouth Jersey and you are willing to let your neighbors die…because you are bored? Play your stupid video games, read a book, watch TV and maybe even clean that freakin house!!

Are we really that selfish?

OK, I feel better getting that Off my chest.

I’m trying to create a new normal. I think a routine will help reduce my stress and make things feel more comfortable and safe.

First I get up and make coffee for myself and whoever is currently staying with us. ((Yes, we almost always have friends staying with us. Different days, different friends, but that’s a different story for a different day). The I give the house 30-60 minutes of attention. I can get kind of sloppy so this is a must.

I feed the dog. Clean up the kitchen, put a load of laundry on. Check my email and Facebook. (Don’t judge me!) Shower and dress.

It’s barely ten o’clock. It could be a very long day. A walk around the neighborhood? (Yes,that is allowed) Fill the bird feeders? Write? Read? Binge watch something? Internet? Work on my taxes? Plan dinner. (Take something out of freezer in basement). 5pm Cook. 7pm-the gang gets home. Dinner is on the table. They are EXHAUSTED. Clean up. Meditate. TV. Bed.

Goals: I want to expand my meditation to twice a day. It really helps me with anxiety. I want to make my walks daily since I put my gym membership on hold for a while. I want to try to clean up something in the house a couple times a week. (LOL)

What else I am doing to stay as safe as possible:

1. I took off all my rings a bracelets. Anyone who works in healthcare will tell you, you cant get clean with those on.

2. I had to go in the grocery story yesterday. I wore gloves. I took them off as appropriate as to not contaminate me or my car. They went right into a Ziplock bag to be disposed of later.

3. I’ve asked my hospital guests to remove their work clothes in the laundry room and put them directly into the washer. Shoes come off. Head directly to the shower.

4. I wipe down doorknobs, kitchen chairs etc maybe every other day.

5. I check on my Mom and visit her a couple times per week.

What are you all doing to keep high risk patients, yourself and your family as safe as possible? If You get bored, you can always respond to this blog.. 🙂