Things are getting real here in New Jersey.

We have an 8p-5a curfew. Restaurants are Take-Out only. No schools. No Church. The National Guard has been called up in North Jersey. Stores have empty shelves. Roads are empty. Most businesses are closed.

The CDC recommended that if medical staff run out of N-95 respirator masks, they should just use a bandanna.

What is happening in my country? So many people are going to die. For now, I don’t even care how this happened. I just keep thinking…How can we be saved?

Please, Mr President, do not lie or embellish. We need the truth. Good or bad. We need the exact and most current information.

We needed the PPE and ventilators weeks ago. Every moment we delay will cost lives. Do whatever you need to do. Invoke any law you need. Make a frigging deal! Just get it done.

Italy has been on total lockdown for weeks and the virus shows no signs of slowing down. Their number of deaths has surpassed China. Many experts say we are worse off than Italy.

In Italy this week the doctors have been forced chose which patients will receive care and thus who will live and who will die. The ventilators go to the younger, healthier patients. The older patients are in Gods hands.

We are going to be worse than that?

I am officially scared.