If I’m locked in the house alone all day…Do I have to wear underwear?

Ya know when your ground meat is not completely defrosted and you put in a pan on low heat….then keep flipping it over and scraping off the defrosted layer…….shouldn’t there be a word for that?

I made peppers and eggs sandwiches Friday night. I decided to use eight of my ten eggs and save the last two for an emergency. Now I cant think of an emergency that requires two eggs.

Why do I have 4 loaves of bread?

Someone should be delivering emergency ice cream.

Making dinner every single night really sucks.

Why do all the state news conferences come on at the same time?

I want Andrew Cuomo to be my Daddy.

Tequila helps.

Is it April yet?

Is it wrong to have a hot dog for breakfast?

Somebody really should do those dishes.

I got the acrylic nail polish off two fingers. I guess that’s good enough.

Should I Lysol the Lysol can?

My refrigerator is totally stocked up, but thinking about cheese puffs for lunch.

Stay Calm.

Stay home.

Stay Safe.