She’s a super freak, super freak
She’s super freaky, super freak, super freak

-Rick James

Things That Creep Me Out.

I don’t watch a lot of TV. At first it was because of the pandemic. The news was so scary. Then it was because of the January 6 attack. So scary too.

Then everything on tv was were reruns.

When I recently started watching again, I forgot how bad most TV is.

And when did TV get so freaky?

Most TV is terrible and even worse the second time around.

But what really creeps me out are the commercials.

There are Arm & Hammer ads that have people with cat heads. Sometimes they are just people with cat heads and sometimes they are cowboys with cat heads. The boy cat is unhappy because his girlfriend won’t come over because his apartment smells like cat piss.

OMG. Who pitched that idea and who said…Yes! That is a GREAT idea!

And what about the guy that is half man and half motorcycle? I can’t even watch that one. I mean, how do they you know … go to the bathroom and ….stuff? Totally creeps me out.

Have you seen the one with John Goodman (the dad from the Roseann Show) where is head is growing out of a finger. his finger face goes up noses and other disturbing places. Sometimes it just flies around on the screen. Why in the world did he make that commercial? Does he own the company or did they just pay him a ton of money? It is the stuff of nightmares.

There’s another one where this guy is driving a convertible thru the desert singing that 80s song- You’ve got the looks, I’ve got the brains..Let’s make lots of money. Then his chrome hood ornament of a lady comes to life and starts singing too. She scares the shit out of me. The driver just acts like Yeah, its all cool.

What is going on? When did TV get so freaky creepy? I thought the news upset me but now it’s the commercials are more upsetting than the news.

So I put CNN back on, hoping to at least not see these hybrid cat/motorcycle/ finger people. And then…This news guy named Boris Sanchez came on. Have you seen this guy?

He has huge lady eyebrows!

I mean they are like two inches thick and arched like a super model. When he gets passionate about something, those eyebrows fly all over his face. I can’t even concentrate on the news. I’m just mesmerized by those eyebrows. And they are perfectly groomed. Like he must be wearing eyebrow pencil. He probably needs a full time eyebrow lady to keep them under control. I mean who has eyebrows like that?

Another creepy thing, I know its out of season but…. have to ever thought about the Christmas song “I saw Mommy kissing Santa Clause”?

The little kid was put to bed but instead he sneaks down the stairs to see if Santa has come yet. So far so good. But instead he sees his father in a full on Santa outfit and He and Mom are making out. What kinds of things are going on in this house? How can she be into making out with Santa? Fake beard, velvet outfit . Pillow under his jacket? That is some freaky stuff.

They put the kid to bed, put a costume on and well, you know what probably happens next. That poor kid is going to be in therapy for a very long time.


Wait, Im not done yet.

I live in South Jersey. It really is a freaky place. I was thinking the other day….What is with all the GIANT roadside things around here? And yes, they are deeply creepy. Do other parts of the state or the country have these giant things every few miles like we do? Is it a South Jersey thing? all these pics are less than an hour of my house.

I actually think there are more that I just couldn’t remember.

If you find another, let me know.

Does this stuff bother any of you or have I been stuck in the house too long?

Late Addition to my Freaky File.

I checked. They are real bees.