Last night Megan came with me on my adventure. We went to Halo Wellness for Clearing and Light Grid Activation. This process involves no Lights or Grids and I still don’t know what I Cleared. I read the brochure several times. I still had no idea what I signed up for. Somehow this appealed to Megan and she signed up too. I was told there were 18 people in the class and we were to bring a pillow and blanket. The session would start at 7pm after the Center closed. OK, well that clears things up. Count me in.

The owner had mentioned that the class was completely sold out and she was turning people away from the wait list. Really? The small parking lot was so full, they had to double park. I got there just before it started and Megan and I did’t really have time to talk. We found two Yoga mats next to each other and sat down.We were pretty close to one another on the floor so I introduced myself to the woman next to me. I asked her if she knew anything about this class. She smiled and said she had no idea. The lady next to her was spreading out a blanket covered human skulls with a matching pillow. Hmmm, don’t think I’ll ask her.

The leader of the class, Lisa O’Brien was a a tall thin blonde in her mid 30’s. Some people were already laying down, covered in their blankets and chatting with their neighbors. It was like a new age sleep over for middle aged rich people. Lisa lowered the lights and started a zen, chanting, bell ringing CD. In a soothing quiet voice she started to explain our evening. She spoke for about 30 minutes. At the end I still had absolutely no idea what was happening. I turned to Megan and gave her the “Huh?” Look. She shook her head in the “I have no idea” look.

This is basically what I think she said. OK, see the entire universe is made out of “systems” There is the Solar System, the Planet System, the Earth’s Systems,  human systems, your internal organ systems, systems in your cells, systems in your atoms and all these systems are effected by one another. The internal workings of your spirit can be “blocked” if some of your ‘systems” are messed up. These blockages can come from past lives or your family genetics or traumas or Blah Blah Blah. Got it? So we have to clear and unblock your systems. OK, lets start. Huh? Start what? Again Megan gave me the “I have no idea” look.

So while sitting cross legged on floor, we were asked to take a deep breath into our hearts. Feel the energy? Good. Now feel that energy flow down your spinal chord into your tail bone. Feel the energy continue down, out of your tailbone and extending down into the core of the earth. (What?) Now we are grounded into Mother Earth. (I repeat, WHAT?) Let us all chant “I am that I am” over and over. Excellent.

I am going to start a Vortex of energy. It will flow around my shoulders and into the path of energy I have created down thru my heart and spine to my tailbone then into the core of the earth. You will do the same.(??) She made some strange breathing sounds and a kind of funny face. The chanting music and Tibetan bells played and everyone concentrated on their vortex.

I did my best to Vortex myself.

Now we are going to release our blockages into the Vortex to return them to the earth.She started to recite thing we might want to release. There was anger, jealously, traumas, grief, abuse and a million other things. She said “Now!” release them into the Vortex. I did my best to visualize my Rheumatoid Arthritis getting swept into the Vortex. I saw it as a sticker ball that fall from Chestnut trees. Then I tried to Vortex up my grief. I visualized it as a white hot charcoal. Both went into my vortex. Then I visualized them going down thru my spine and tail bone into the earth. Basically, it was like trying to shit out your pain.

Finally, she told us to lay back. Oh, Thank Mother Earth! My legs were killing me from sitting like that for so long. When we all got comfortable, she put out the lights and rang some more bells. Now we were to visualize our family tree. Our fathers and grandfathers over our right should and mothers and grandmothers over the left. Feel your connection to them. Then she left us like that with just the Zen music playing. I could do that. Lisa silently sent around the room placing one hand on your head and one of your heart. I didn’t hear her coming so it made me jump a little. I got back into my Zen and pictured my Dad and Grandparents. We stayed like that for a long time. I could hear the lady next to me sleeping. Some guy in the back started to snore. I tried to stay focused on my Dad and Grandparents.

Maybe because I miss them all so much or maybe it was real but I think they were there with me. I thought I felt the back of my grandmothers hand brush my check. I think Daddy and Baba put their hand on my shoulder. I think I felt them. Maybe I just wanted to feel them. I don’t know. But it felt comforting and I felt loved.

I could smell that Lisa had lit sage and the smell was filling the room. I love that smell. I even have some at home. I think smells enhance every experience. The quiet chanting music, the sage, the darkness, it was all very relaxing. Until…..suddenly the ear piercing buzz of the fire alarm went off. Strobe lights filled the room. The sound was so loud you wanted to cover your ears. People jumped up and then after the initial shock, started to laugh. It was all pretty funny until the Police and Firetrucks pulled up. I took the moment of chaos to make a run for the bathroom. Just as I got to the door I ran smack right into a fully dressed for battle fireman. I dodged out of his way as more firemen with axes streamed into the room. They looked around the room at all the fancy people laying on the floor in the dark. The leader paused for a moment taking in the scene. He frowned and shook his head. Then ….Were you burning incense ?

They turned the lights back on and reset the alarm. That ended the night. We rolled up our mats and put our shoes back on. I asked Megan what she thought. She said she liked it and would do it again. You know, I would too.