Laughing my Way Through Rheumatoid Disease and Life

Stories and Thoughts of My Life with Rheumatoid Disease

Hey Karri Ann, What’s your game now? Can anybody play?


If you’re reading this you probably already know me. I am a pharmacist in South Jersey and have had a tough few years helping my Dad fight Lung Cancer. I’m still processing that and learning to become friends with Rheumatoid Arthritis. It’s seems RA and I are going to be in this together for the long haul.

Writing helps me sort out my thoughts and cheer myself up. I often don’t really know what I think until I write it. I try to keep things up beat and positive. Maybe even fun.

So my blog is my thoughts, stories, adventures and opinions.  I struggle with my Dad’s death, his fight with cancer, my RA, chronic pain and a few other issues but I will try to make you smile and maybe even laugh .

Thanks for listening.

I love feedback. Please share your thoughts and my posts too. I would love to help someone else with their struggles too.





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