The other night I had my Essential Oil class/demonstration. 12 people came over and we learned about using them for all kinds of stuff. The woman that was there asthe company Rep was a nurse practitioner who was hit by a truck. She told us her story now she used the oils to get off all the meds she was on. She looked and seemed great. It was hard to picture her being so injured and sick.
As I listened to her explanation about these oil’s and their uses, can these oils possibly work like medications? Then I started thinking how many drugs are made from plants. In pharmacy school we had to take Botany and Pharmacognosy (the study of using plants to make medications) . Many people think the drugs are just “chemicals” but often they come from a plant source. So I guess it’s not hard to believe that plants could provide some medicinal use as oils.

What about a delivery system? Well many drugs are delivered through the skin, that’s no surprise. It just depends whether the product can be absorbed through the skin. I would think that if anything is going to be absorbed, oil has the best shot. That’s why you get more drug absorption with an ointment than a cream.

How about aerosolizing the oil, could that actually deliver any product to the patient? Well, more and more drugs are being delivered through inhalers or nasal spray’s so I guess that’s not hard to believe either.

So that left me with, do they actually do anything? No drug company is going to spend tons of money on researching a product that they can’t patent. So there isn’t much proof.  I guess it comes down to giving it a open minded try. My friend Angela had been making me a concoction of oils that I have been adding to coconut oil and rubbing on the shoulder that’s been bothering me so much. I have to get an MRI but am in precertification limbo. I also use prescription Voltaren Gel on it. It is an anti-inflammatory and even with my co-pay quite expensive. At least for me, they work equally as well. So if they work about the same, why not go the more natural and cheaper way?

I bought a bottle of the product that was giving me pain relief and also one that is a mixture of oils that is supposed to be good for stress and anxiety. I won a door prize and got a bottle of orange essence. It just smells great. Even if it doesn’t have any medicinal use,  it just smells really nice. I have a bunch of Yankee candles that are lemon or limoncello scented. I Love the light clean lemon smell. It always seems to lift my spirits. I also like the cinnamon and cloves scented candles in the winter.They seem to make the house  feel more cozy and comforting. So if plain old Yankee candle can change my mood a little, why not other scents?

I’m definitely open to this essential oil thing. I certainly don’t think it’s a panacea, but I think it’s a good add on to my other tools. I especially liked that the woman that did the demonstration didn’t try to sell anyone. She said go home think about it think about what your needs are and call me or email if you want to make a purchase or if you have any questions about your own special needs. She even does private consultations if you want help figuring out what might work for you.

It was a very nice evening. A night full of positive energy with smart and kind people. I think just sitting around with a bunch of friends smelling some very good and some not so very good essential oils made for a very pleasant evening. Oh, and wine too.

My Verdict on Essential Oils: I like the way they smell and I think there a good possibility of having some benefits. I’m going to add them to my life.

Info: DoTerra Essential Oils