I am a believer in letting life take you off in directions you may have never foreseen.

    I think that when an opportunity to try something or go somewhere presents, we should go for it. These experiences, big or small add up to the adventure of life.

   If you have followed much of this blog, you will already know that I struggle with Rheumatoid Disease and have begrudgingly had to go part time at work. I worked long and hard for my degree so it was quite a loss for me. I try to remember my philosophy about going the way life leads me. I try to put my faith that this is the path I am meant to take. Some days that works better than others.

    This summer has dropped several adventures into my lap and I am determined to just go for it.  The most recent was an opportunity to teach a class at Temple Dental School in Philadelphia. I’ve NEVER taught a class, no less at a graduate level. I did it and totally got into it. I had that microphone and the laser pointer and Man, I tore that pharmacy shit up! Some of my friends said, hey maybe you will be getting a new career. But nah, there are so many people way more qualified than me. But I really did love the adventure of it.

Things I did that I never expected:

  1. Taught that Geriatric Drug Therapy class!

  2. Got totally into meditation and may start to help lead a local class.

  3. Went White Water Rafting by accident.

  4. Helped my Father pass.

  5. Rushed into the ocean to help someone caught in the tide. (I can’t swim and had to be rescued too.)

  6. Spoke at a hospital wide workshop on Comedy in the Workplace.

  7. Stayed at my current job for 33 years. (I quit 7 jobs in my first 2yrs out of school)

  8. Was actually healed at a Healing Mass.

  9. Met and spoke with Tina Turner in her bathroom after a show.

  10. Went to a psychic and I think I really connected with my Dad.

  11. Stayed in a million dollar villa in Bermuda and sat at the table that the Queen of England used.

  12. Wandered across Europe for 7 weeks with no itinerary.

  13. Had several interactions with a ghost in an old house on Cape Cod.

  14. Climbed to the top of Notre Dame and viewed Paris in a misty fog surrounded by gargoyles. (by accident).

  15. Survived a stalker and lived with a stake out team inside and outside my home until they got him.

  16. Taught drunk Germans to sing the theme to Green Acers in a tiny basement pub.

  17. Got arrested in Germany. (Germans take laws sooo seriously)

    I better stop here before I incriminate myself.

    None of these things were planned or were planned on the spur of the moment. That’s what I mean about letting life lead you. Besides, often we don’t get much of a choice anyway.

     This summer several more adventures dropped into my lap. Last week my cousins told me they are going to Fatima and Lourdes. Although I am not a traditionally religious person, I am spiritual. What an interesting experience that would be! She made a few calls and had me added to the trip. Just like that, I’m going! I would like to just go and be mindful. Feel the energy. Experience the emotions and faith of the people searching for relief from their burdens. Meditate. Send love and kindness to the pilgrims there. So cool.

   I was offered to join friends for a Spiritual Workshop on the Gulf Coast. There will be Tai Chi  on the beach at sunrise, Reiki, Meditation, Massage, Emotional painting and writing and even hippie communal style group meals. What? I’m sure that one will require a blog entry.

  The other three trips are mundane after all those others, but hey you never know what will turn into an adventure. Ocean City MD, Bermuda and Sanibel, FL. Remember when my pants caught on fire in Amsterdam? (see blog post) or when I found myself in Luxembourg with no money to pay for the dinner I had already eaten?  You never know when you well laid plans will turn into a disaster or what I like to call an adventure.

  My goal this summer is to see where life takes me. Be open to the experience. Open my heart to really being in the moment. Focus less on pictures and more on feelings and smells and the kindness of strangers.

   Wanna come for the ride?  Stay tuned.