Reiki a Definition Reiki energy therapy is a gentle hands-on (or off the body) holistic healing technique that revitalize the body’s natural ability to heal itself. It promotes relaxation for self-healing; Reiki healing energy techniques is effective for releasing stress, tension, emotional problems, aches, and pains. It is a great help in dealing with panic attacks, depression, anxiety or nervousness. It also assists in the healing of physical and emotional well-being. It heals and balances the body, mind, emotion, and spirit and brings a peaceful relaxation and overall bliss.
OK blah blah blah that’s a definition from the internet. 
Here is the Karri version.

My friend Angela is my Reiki practitioner. She came over to the house right after daddy passed and offered to give us a treatment. I didn’t really know what it was but I trust Angela and I was in a really bad place. She had me lay down on the couch, lowered the lights and tried to make the house as quiet as possible. She placed her hands just above my head. She didn’t say anything and neither did I. Within a moment I could feel the heat coming out of her hands. I had my eyes closed so I could really focus on if I felt anything. Her hands kept getting hotter and hotter. Even though she was not actually touching me I could feel the heat coming off her hands and going into my scalp. It felt relaxing but kind of strange. After a few moments she moved her hands to my forehead. Now I could really feel the heat coming off her. My back and shoulders were very sore from being tense for so many days as daddy passed. When she put her hands near my throat I could feel my muscles relax and the headache fade. 

She worked her way down my body hitting special areas that you described to be as this or that chakra. I didn’t really listen. I was trying to stay in the moment. When she got to my knees her hands hovered just above my jeans. The heat coming out of her hands was so intense it was almost uncomfortable. She must’ve sensed it too because she said if it’s too hot for you just let me know and I’ll back off. I said no go on, I want to see where this goes. 
She ended the session at my feet and then quietly said a prayer. She told me to lay still and try to stay relaxed. I did.
  So what was my take on all of this? I felt better. The cramping in my shoulder was pretty much gone. My headache was gone too. I kind of felt like I had a really good massage even though she never touched me.

  I have gone several times since then and I am now seeing her once a week. It is a very nice experience. I sleep better that night. The pain is less afterwards. The best way I can describe it is the way you would feel if you meditated and had a massage. And of course that’s all kind of nice.

  After watching Angela work, my mom decided to try it too. She said it relaxed her too. OK that’s a big deal! So when I ask her if she wants to come along when I go, she always says yes. Angela has a very calm and healing energy and that helps. It is a nice experience, not a lot of money, not a lot of time, and I really do look forward to it. So I am continuing with the Reiki. treatments. 

Placebo? Don’t know. Don’t care. Just know that the pain got better and I feel emotionally better. 
Reiki is a yes.