In my schedule for next week:  1. Floatation Tank/Sensory Deprivation session. There is a place in Marlton called Float. I bought a Black Friday special session for 60 min.

2. Oxygen Chamber. Think Michael Jackson but with no monkey.

3. Essential Oil Demo at my house. A nurse practitioner who used the oils to get off pain meds after a severe car crash will speak. I am already using a topical mixture for pain.

4. Eating lots of veggies, daily walk and guided meditation app.

5. Possibly Acupuncture and/or Yoga.

This is not very scientific. How will I know which therapy is helping? I guess I wont be able to PROVE anything. I just want to stay in the moment and experience each thing.

I have read that rheumatoid Arthritis (RA) may be caused/aggravated by an off balance gut micro biome. With that in mind, I ordered Kefir starter culture online. I will be attempting to make my own Kefir. The homemade version is supposed have like a gazillion kinds of good little bacteria. They are supposed to crowd out the bad guys. Anyone every make their own? Email me.

I have already been getting Reiki treatments and doing this “Tapping” thing. They are hard to explain, but like I said on Facebook, Pain and Stress over a long period make you very openminded.I will try to explain those in my next post. Right now I am going to bake a cake for a party tonight and then take my walk. I am still on Prednisone so I have lots of energy.