(one of my favorites)

I was bored. It was the night of the Super Bowl last year. Everyone was at a party or watching the stupid thing. I knew Jolene secretly wanted to watch it too but was letting me watch Swamp People to be nice. That was boring too. I told Jol I was going to just go on to bed. She said she was going to stay up and watch the end of the game.
I got in bed but wasn’t quite tired enough to fall asleep. I started playing around with my iPhone. Hmmm…look at this new FiOs app! I wonder what it does? Oh cool, I can use it like a remote and change the stations on any TV in the house. Hey, I can also make pictures saved on my iPhone pop up on the TV! Suddenly I was not so bored.
Jolene’s mother passed away about 4 years ago. She was quite the character. She read cards and people came from all over for her to give them a psychic reading. She was pretty damn good and freaked us out on more than one occasion.
I tuned the app to control the family room TV where Jolene was watching the game. I tapped the screen and I could hear the TV change channels. After a moment I heard Jol change it back to the game. I waited a few minutes and did it again. Again Jolene changed it back. Then I flashed a picture of Jolene’s dead mother on the screen. Then ..pop…I made it disappear! This is fun.
I changed the channel a few more times. Jolene never said anything. She just changed it back. I flashed her mother on the screen again. Then back to the game. I really thought Jol would storm into the bedroom to yell at me any second, but she never did. Eventually I was bored and fell asleep. I never thought about it again after that.
Three days later Jolene and I were having a cup of coffee. Jolene got serious and said she had something on her mind that she really needed to talk to me about. I had rarely had seen Jolene look like this, so I new this was something big. I said ok, what’s up? She took a sip of coffee and said quietly, I know this is going to sound crazy …..but I think we are being visited by my mother’s spirit. I always knew If anyone would come back, it would be her.
What? What would make you think something like that? I could see she was absolutely serious and pretty upset.
She said, Well the other night some really strange things started happening to the TV and…….
Jolene, I have something to tell you.