Yesterday morning (New Year’s Eve) I got a text from a good friend asking me to call. When I got home I did. She wanted to tell me that her family had a psychic come to their house for a group reading. She said the first spirit he wanted to talk about was a man who died from lung cancer. No one in her family responded. He continued, the man was exposed to asbestos. He died at home. Still no one in her family responded. Then my friend thought of my Dad. Could that be who was coming through so strongly? He said we all stayed home from work just to be with him. He said he was OK and that we should not have missed work for him.

Huh? Was this really my Dad? He spoke to me from the dead just to say I should have gone to work? Really? Really? I was already having a bad day and Daddy was bitching at me from beyond? I thought, OMG Dad, get a life! Then I thought…Ok forget that. I decided to just put it away and think about it later.

I went to a neighborhood New Year’s Eve party last night. We have a great group of neighbors and they always get me laughing. I was not at my best but I thought an evening of laughter is probably just what I need. I think somehow laughing changes your mood, maybe even your brain for a while. There is a little bit of magic in a good laugh.

So I pushed myself and we went over to the party.
I sat at their bar and sipped some Patron Cafe on ice. I love that stuff but I went slow since I knew Patron and Prednisone would really up my blood sugar. Geeez, I can’t even get a buzz on. As expected, they did get me laughing and it did help. I also got lots of hugs with real caring in them. I think hugs have some magic in them too.

As the night wore down, it got quiet as people started to drift home. Jolene and I ended up at the bar with a neighbor from down the street. (if you are reading this…luv u!) Through a complicated back story that I will skip over, this summer she came out to Jol and I as someone “Who sees dead people”. (Weird side note: She is the 5th friend of mine to share this kind of news with me…whats with that?)

I am not going to go into if this kind of stuff is “real” or try to convince anyone to believe anything. I believe there is an afterlife. I believe our loved ones stay connected to us in some way. I know this woman. She is kind and smart and just an good everyday person. Let’s just move forward from there.

As we talked, she started to feel Dad. She told me lots of specifics that were right on the money but that isn’t the important stuff.
The important stuff was this-she said he stays with me. He stays by my side. He sits at my table. He was so happy we remembered him  on Christmas. (I wrote down a bunch of “Eddie Sayings” and we went around the table and read them off) He watches Mommy and stays with her too. And he so wants me to find a way to be happy again.
I started to cry.

Thanks Daddy. I love you too.