The first batch of kefir was ready last night. The consistancy changed from normal milk to like melted ice cream. I added some cinnamon and a litlle agave, poured it in a glass and handed it to Jolene. She looked like I was asking her to jump off a cliff. I took a sip. See Jol, it’s good. Just give it a try. She was not happy. Finally she took the world’s smallest sip. She survived. Ok, a bigger sip. Hmmm, not too bad. Another sip, hey this is kinda good. Bam! She finished the glass. In the end she thought it was pretty  darn good.

I did’t explain who it was pretty much a glass full of bacteria and yeast. Sometimes it’s best not to share the details with Jolene. Anyway, Kefir is definatley not hocus pocus. There is a ton of stuff on the web about it. And hey, that makes it true, right?

Here is a real article

Anti-inflammatory properties of kefir and its polysaccharide extract.