Its been a rough week or two.
I’ve tried to stay Grateful and Mindful and Spiritual and Helpful and Positive. It’s exhausting.

I did as much as I could for my little dachshund but I had to let her go two days ago. It broke my heart.The house is so quiet and no one greets me at the door. It was the second Thanksgiving without my Dad. I still don’t have the hang of it. I miss him terribly. I’m feeling down.
     My RA pain comes and goes. I was doing pretty darn good until the stress of the last few days. Now my hand, feet and elbows are on fire again. Thanks Obama.
So what to do? Its raining here in South Jersey and I feel on the inside like it looks outside. I think its the pain and discomfort piled onto loosing our Vinni. Writing helps, so here I am. I am still doing the Chair Yoga, I finished the Mindfulness and Mediation class and I still go to counseling.   I should have all kinds of fancy Mindful Exercises and “Suggestions from my Counselor” tools to break this mood right? I think I’ll dig around in my brain for some things that make me smile and write em!

I took Mom with us for Mexican food and Margaritas the other night. She gets the “house margarita” and I get the “perfect margarita” has has an extra shot of Patron in it.

The food was taking a while and I noticed Mom was periodically drinking from my glass. Mom is 77 years old so I gently reminded her that her glass was just to her left and the glass in her hand was mine. She casually said she knew that, she was trying to make hers last longer.  (Can’t make this stuff up)

When the food finally came, it was served by her favorite handsome waiter. I said Hey Mom, If you really want to make a good impression, when he brings your food say Muchos Gracias. She really liked the idea. When he got to our table, she looked up at him, gave him a big smile and said Mucho Grande!

He seemed pleased that she noticed. 🙂

   As we left the crowed restaurant, I took Mommy by the hand. She walks with a cane and the maze of tables makes it difficult for her. As we passed a table of 4 ladies, they smiled seeing me holding her hand and guiding her by their table. I smiled back and said in a loud voice, Oh she’s not handicapped, she’s just really drunk. She hit me when we got to the car.
      When Daddy was still with us, I often brought him to a local Italian restaurant for dinner. I grabbed a bottle of wine and gave him a call. I would nag him- Dad, make sure you have a fresh bottle of oxygen. I don’t was to get there and have to eat dinner in 20 minutes because you only have a partial Oxygen tank. That night when I picked him up for dinner, I noticed the canvas bag containing the oxygen tank was stuffed full. I smiled as I got him into the car. Dad! You brought and extra Oxygen tank. Thanks great. He looked at me confused. Daddy, I can see there are two bottles in your oxygen bag. Then he smiled. Oh, that’s not extra oxygen. It’s an extra bottle of wine. I couldn’t fit both, so I had to make a decision. (True story)
       Our dachshund Vinni was one bad dog. She was so bad, we had to laugh. She hated being put in her crate in the morning so she would hide under the bed. Jolene was often an hour late for work because she couldn’t get the dog to come out. She would put a doggie treat on the floor and hide around the corner. Her plan was to jump out and grab the dog when she came for the snack. But Vinni was way faster than Jol. She would dart out from under the bed, grab the treat and get back under before Jolene came close to grabbing her. Jolene would be furious and call her Jerk Dog!

    Then Jol was stand on the front step and ring our doorbell. She would leave the door open and yell HELLO? in a deep manly voice. Vinni never fell for it. She stayed safely under the bed. I often wondered would the neighbors thought, seeing her out there ringing that bell over and over and yelling in a man voice. Hmmm.

    And me? I’m always in trouble too.
I liked to wait for Jolene to fall asleep. Then I would quietly get the dog all excited for a treat. Gently, I placed the treat in Jol’s hair. Then I would release her by saying GET IT! Vinni would fly thru the air and pounce right on Jolene’s head and dig thru her thick hair, out of her mind with excitement. ……Good times.

(I also like to place empty beer bottles around her when she sleeps. Then  snap a picture. Life is good)
      Awhile back my boss announced that we had to subtract bathroom breaks from our lunch time. We all moaned and groaned. The next day she asked me to step into her office. She said she could see I was unhappy with her decision. I said, Absolutely not! As a matter of fact, I am currently wearing a diaper. Then I made my eyes glaze over and said, Actually, I’m peeing right now.

I’m pretty confident there are no promotions in my future.


I think I’m feeling better. Yup. Definitely better.