It’s after midnight and I’m somewhere over the Atlantic on my way to Lisbon. I barged into my cousin Carolyn’s Pilgrimage to Fatima and Lourdes. You may be thinking, what the heck am I doing on a Catholic Pilgrimage? The answer is that I’m not really sure. My cousins were going and I joined in as a last minute whim. 
     Last week I left New Jersey for an event on the Alabama coast called Sun, Sea and Spirit. Another cousin was joining a friend who was going. None of us knew what to expect. I don’t even know how to categorize it. But let me tell you, it was quite the opposite of a Catholic Pilgrimage. …..Or maybe not. 
    It was a group of maybe 100 people from all over. The were classes in Tai Chi, the Mayan Calendar, Beach Meditation, Crystal Bowl music and book lectures. There were group meals with lots of Tofu, Chia and rice. (We generally went out to dinner. ) Most people seemed to have had some kind of “alternative” practice that they were very passionate about and wanted to share. Some people like us, just wanted to explore. 
   One man used a book to argue that all of life is just an illusion. That was out side of my comfort zone. We spent time that night discussing it over wine. Even if we found some ideas too far out for us, it made for some good wine conversation back at our condo. I got the impression that many people attended year after and had become old friends. We were the new kids in the block. 
   People went out of their way to make us feel welcome. There was a very warm and kind energy. Of course we connected with some people more than others. We met a wonderful man from Louisiana that immediately clicked with us as when he told us he skipped the potluck communal gluten free all natural breakfast and instead fried up a big old pile of bacon in his room. He was a sarcastic smart ass. We all fell in love with him and stuck to him like glue. 
   There were practitioners of every kind who took personal appointments. Paula and Alexis did Reiki and some kind of light therapy thingy. I saw a woman who described herself as a Hypnotherapist /Intuitive. I had no idea what that meant so I immediately signed up. It turned out to be a very moving experience. It was not like “look into my eyes, you are feeling very sleepy”. Immediately I felt like I was talking to an old friend. We talked for a while about all kinds of things. It was like she wanted to know who I was and she shared things about herself and her life too. Since she was seeing clients in her condo and we were in one of her spare bedrooms. She wanted me to be relaxed and it was pretty cold in there. I found my self in one of the twin beds and she in the other. It was weird but surprisingly comfortable. 
   Immediately she started to describe my Dad and my Grandmother. Without getting too detailed, just know that she was stunningly detailed and accurate. Then we got down to the Hypnotism. I had told her I wanted to work on my fear of water and swimming. She did what I would describe as a very personalized guided meditation. I guess she must stay open to spirit as she goes thru the descriptions of what she had me visualize. She had a wonderful voice that lulled me into a floaty relaxed state. She had me sitting on a blanket on the beach feeling wonderful and safe. Even she was surprised when she described my Grandmother approaching me on that beach with a amazing old book. She presented it to me and invited me to open it. When I did, she said there was only one word in it. 
The word was FREE. 
    And somehow this seemed to be just the right word. What I needed. What she wanted me to feel. And I did. I was so moved, I can’t exactly say why but I felt a sense of safety and she told me that my Father and Grandmother are always with me, ready to listen and ready to help. I cried. I felt some of my burdens lift. The experience was a gift to me. I mood brightened and Jolene later asked me if that was me humming. I said yes, I feel like I had music inside my heart. 
    Everyone I had contact with – were all sensitive psychic kind of people, expressed such excitement for me to go on this trip to Lourdes and Fatima. Some had been to Lourdes and said it changed their lives. 


  So here I am jetting across the ocean on my pilgrimage. A few weeks ago I was laughing and telling folks I thought I should find a Pilgrim hat to wear. But things have changed. Maybe like those folks in Alabama, I am finding my way. Step by step. 
  I’m not sure where I’m going but I am definatly on my way.