Laughing my Way Through Rheumatoid Disease and Life

Stories and Thoughts of My Life with Rheumatoid Disease


If your are reading this, you probably know me. I am 54 years old, a hospital pharmacist, from South Jersey and have Rheumatiod Arthritis. My hobbies include cooking, entertaining, worrying and anxiety.
I lost my Father a couple months ago to lung cancer. He fought the good fight for 4 years. They were the best and worst years. We were blessed to have him so long, but he went thru so much. Actually we all did. We took care of him st home with the help of Hospice. I guess I am smack in the middle of the grief process. 

The stress, poor sleep, an eat on the run diet, a mentally tough job and a predisposition for anxiety have my Rheumatoid Arthritis roaring. My doctor put me out on medical leave for one month. I am determined to use that time to find a way to feel good again.

I want to share my journey. I am currently trying several alternative therapies and have more lined up. I am staying on my regular meds but I need something more.

My month will include: Traditional Medical Care, Counciling, Reiki, Probiotics, Floating Therapy, Oxygen Chamber Therapy, Accupuncture, Meditation, Massage,Tapping, Walking, Coloring, Veggie Smoothies, Writing, Yoga, Art, Essential Oils and anything else I come across.
Want to follow along? I wonder if any of this stuff will help?

I’m going to find out. I am determined to feel better. 


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